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Know Your Auto Body Repair Rights

Don't let the Insurance Company Steer you! Know your Rights.

New York State Law prohibits auto insurance companies from steering you to specific repair shops. It is your right to choose where you want your car repaired. No person or insurance company can tell you where to take your vehicle.

Unless your policy states otherwise, you do not need to obtain more than one estimate, however it is advised to get more than one estimate especially if the initial estimate is done by your insurance adjustor or the responsible paying parties' insurance adjustor.

Most insurance policies require only that you report the accident and tell the insurance company where it can inspect your car. They will try and get you to take your car to a drive-in inspection facility, but it is your right to have the vehicle inspected at the place you choose.

You may leave your car once the estimate is written at any shop you choose and ask the Insurance Company to inspect your vehicle at the shop. This does help in allowing the shop for further teardown before the Insurance Co. arrives We can asses damage thoroughly with the Insurance company the first time and minimize the need for re-inspection do to finding of supplemental damage.

Check out our shop and any shop you choose before getting your estimate. Come by and take a look for yourself on how work is performed and see other vehicles under repair. Also most of us have on line reviews and this is an excellent way to determine what shop is right for you. Differences in estimates are not uncommon. Did the shop right for all repair needed a lower estimate may mean not all necessary work was included to complete the repair properly.

Always inquire as to why the estimates may be different. We work with Insurance companies every day; let us help you with your concerns and the process that is needed to make sure your vehicle is repaired properly. Our goal is to represent you and your vehicle.

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