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BumperDoc Is Green

BumperDoc Is A Green Business

BumperDoc’s innovative services conserve precious natural resources when compared to many traditional repair methods. Choosing reconditioning over replacing also saves the costly resources involved in manufacturing and transporting replacement parts.

  • Reconditioning Parts Saves Precious Natural Resources
  • Paintless Dent Removal Eliminates Panel Replacement
  • We Recycle our Paint Solvents and Minimize Paint Waste
  • We Use Water-Borne Paints - Better for the Environment than Solvent Based Paints
  • Even our Website Servers are Hosted by Carbon Neutral Companies

BUMPERDOC fulfills its commitment to the environment with a full-range of environmentally-friendly services:

AUTO DETAILING – BumperDoc's Professional Auto Detailing service uses the finest products and methods available to assist in protecting our environment. Our detailers use a water-based polish from Meguiars. Our polish is a non-toxic, and non-solvent based that is safe on all OEM and new repair coatings. We also use biodegradable soaps, wheel cleaner and tire dressing. Using our silicone-free dressing for exterior and rubber plastics, water-based polishes, and biodegradable products exemplifies BumperDoc's commitment to our environment.

HEADLIGHT RESTORATION – If you have yellow, hazy, or oxidized headlights then let us restore your headlights. Most consumers tend to think that if there headlights become yellow, or hazy (which often vastly affects night time vision and appearance) that replacing their lamp assemblies is often the solution. Headlight restoration not only saves the customer a tremendous amount of money by restoring rather than replacing, but they also play an important role in preserving natural resources and reduce the demand for inadequate resources on the planet.

WHEEL REPAIR – You don’t have to replace damaged wheels – BUMPERDOC can repaint your damaged wheels and save you and the planet the costs of replacement. Our technicians can repair scratches, curb scrapes, and bent rims. Instead of replacing your rim, which involves valuable resources to create, BumperDoc strives to repair your rims while still keeping a strong commitment to our environment. Whether you have painted alloy, aluminum, or chrome rims that are in need of repair, let us do what is right for you and our environment by restoring them to like new condition.

We are deeply committed to preserving our natural environment, and we strive to meet this commitment through a philosophy of innovation and quality service. We make every effort and a combination of technologies to repair plastic bumpers and metal panels instead of replacing them, saving the precious natural resources involved in manufacturing, transporting and painting replacement parts.

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